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5.1.a. The European city and its future I (Christian Kesteloot)

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Vitality - A quality of Smart Cities? Impacts and prospects of Smart Cites on urban development
Martina Hekler  1, 2@  
1 : Martina Hekler
2 : University of Vienna
Universitaetsring 1, 1010 Vienna -  Autriche

The scientific discussions about the future of urban development have been increasingly influenced by discourses around potential impacts of Smart City-concepts. Are Smart City-concepts a real prospect in urban development and really desirable (in Europa)? Or do they mean a loss of desirable urban qualities such as atmosphere, history or vitality? From a European perspective, the presentation will deal with whether, and how Smart Cities could be in conflict with the ‘vitality' of urban landscapes. Is life in a Smart City worth living for its citizens?

Interim results of some quite revolutionary Smart City projects could give some insights into their real impacts and prospects. For this purpose, relevant examples will be highlighted: The South Korean city of Songdo City, the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (a suburb of Tokyo) as well as the city state Singapore will be briefly examined. From a European, urban-geographic perspective, the presentation will aim to explore whether the vision of a Smart City seems to be transferable to implement in historical traditional cities and urban landscapes (as in Europe). Is it a sensible strategy for ‘ancient' cities with a significant history to ‘leapfrog' towards a futuristic Smart City through massive use of technology?

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