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Wednesday 6
8.5.a. Cross-border cooperation in an uncertain European scenario I (Jaume Feliu)

› 8:50 - 9:10 (20min)
› Salle Léopold Ier (palais)
Cross-border actors and projects in Iberian borders: comparative analysis from IV Interreg
Javier Martín-Uceda  1, *@  , Jaume Feliu  1@  , Joan Vicente  1@  , Margarita Castañer  1@  
1 : Universitat de Girona [Girona]  -  Website
Plaça Sant Domènec, 3 Edifici Les Àligues 17071 Girona -  Espagne
* : Corresponding author

The paper is focused on a comparative analysis of cross-border cooperation take in the Iberian borders (Spain, Portugal, France) resulting from INTERREG IV fund. The diagnosis focuses on the projects developed and the actors involved in these projects. The main objective is to check whether different boundaries of the same state face different challenges, and to analyze different cross-border territories to detect other forms of cooperation that respond to different historical, geographical and / or institutional realities. 

The diagnosis is focused in three elements regarding INTERREG projects. On the one hand, the projects aproved by INTERREG. We study the typology and the lead actors. On the other hand, the actors involved in the projects. At the end, The economic funds provided by each actor for the realization of the projects. These elements have been mapped.These maps allow us to visualize the spaces where more cross-border cooperation takes place, where more economic resources have been allocated and finally, which actors have been more active.

Secondly, from a geopolitc perspective, it is interesting to analyse how local and regional actors plays a major role in cross-border cooperation, and how cooperation networks are consolidated in some border areas. An interesting research question is why some actors take a major role in cooperation. 


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