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Tuesday 5
8.4. Identity, borders and geopolitics (Bernard Reitel)

› 14:20 - 14:40 (20min)
› Salle Léopold Ier (palais)
The micro-regional borders and divided cities: the case study of Vukovar
Marta Zorko  1@  
1 : University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science  (UNIZG)  -  Website
Zagreb, Lepusiceva street 6 -  Croatie

Divided cities are common in Europe. As a part of regional or frozen conflicts divisions could be seen in political, economical and Identity frictions. The case study of Vukovar is interested out of three reasons. The war legacy influenced new policies, open border issues remain open on state level, and micro-regional frictions show identity based divisions in current case. Multilevel divisions are visible trough imaginative borders in everyday life. The method in research will focus on imaginative borders and cartography and will be conducted on random based sample of local population. The overlapping divisions in political, economic and identity area will confirm the thesis on multiple divisions in divided city of Vukovar. The similar research was conducted this year for the city of Mostar and comparative results may apply in theoretical and methodological sense. The wider concept of micro and macro scale divisions in Europe will be given trough the concept of rethinking borders in contemporary geopolitic. 

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