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Monday 4
8.2. Future visions and trends: Europe in 2050 (with Pallas Athene Geopolical Foundation) (Norbert Csizmadia)

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Borderscapes II: (de)constructing the edges of EU project
Concha Lapayese  1, *@  , Manuel Jose Gazapo Lapayese  2, *@  
1 : Concha Lapayese Luque  (GIPC)  -  Website
2 : Manuel Jose Gazapo Lapayese  (ISO + GIPC)  -  Website -  Espagne
* : Corresponding author

From "Cultural Landscape Research Group" (GIPC) UPM and from "International Security Observatory" investigate about contemporary conflict zones. "Borderscapes II" is a research project about the landscape border, trying to decipher multiple corporeities of these territories. We belong to a global world in conflict, and in this situation seems urgent an awareness, build a glance and margins of interpretation, to thus be able to understand our moment.

We offer within the EUGEO 2017 and within the Politics and Policies, GS.8.2 Borders and geopolitics in and around Europe, “Borderscape II: (de)constructing the edges of the EU project”, developed in a complex scenario of full activity right now. We are talking about the process of (re)bordering that is drawn in-between the society, particularly after the last exception states beacause of terrorism and the migratory crisis. The research is developed through the construction of a road map of the borderscapes, which has allowed us to compare overlapping realities from knowledge, to develop an analysis from various dimensions: from the human till geopolitical, from space till cyberspace, from defense to security.

This project is linked to the line of research proposed in Horizon 2020 EU around the reflective societies and landscapes of conflict, and provides a critical reflection on the process of (de)constructing the edges of the EU project.

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