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Monday 4
8.2. Future visions and trends: Europe in 2050 (with Pallas Athene Geopolical Foundation) (Norbert Csizmadia)

› 17:10 - 17:30 (20min)
› salle Albert Ier (palais)
Russia 2050 – trends and visions of the future
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The future of the world's largest country is not clear at all in the coming decades, and there are many forecasts of Russia's future on a very wide-scale. In the two extremes, some experts see Russia in the future among one of the most important seven countries in the world, while others are predicting a complete economic collapse and disruption in several pieces. The forecast presented in the current paper is based on the geopolitical trends and economic data. Political factors and predictions are excluded from this research, as the highest rate of errors is possible with political forecasts. Instead the research focuses mainly on demographics (one of the most important problem Moscow has to face), regionalism (regional consciousness may return back as it was back in the nineties), situation and transformation plans of the Russian economy and the question of the mineral resources (including the question of the North Pole). The research also examines the processes of integration in the region: whether the post-soviet area will transform in an Eurasian Union, visioned by Vladimir Putin, or will inevitably slide back into borderlands between China and Western-Europe.

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