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Wednesday 6
1.3.b. Cultural Geographies: encounters, inclusion, and exclusion II (with the IGU Commissions on Cultural Geography and Mediterranean basin) (Maria Paradiso)

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The culture of participation in the south of Mediterranean: what the role of the social networks to building it in Algeria?
Mohamed Alouat  1, *@  
1 : ecole normale supérieure de Bouzereah Alger  (ENS Bouzereah)  -  Website
93 rue Ali remili Bouzereah Algiers -  Algérie
* : Corresponding author

In last decade, Algeria has launched a project of e-government that based at creating a large and solid network of the internet and tried to increase the percentage of internet connection, in parallel the government encourage Economic competition between three 3G and 4G operators. As result, a demand for smartphones has been rising in the last five years, especially among young people, who known Significant increasing of their connectivity between them.

This paper seeks to address two main axes: Firstly, the transformations of the concept of participation in development have been known in Algeria, from traditional cooperation “TWIZA” to the exploitation of social networks to raise awareness of the problems of society and sharing ways to solving them.

The second axe deals with the role of social networks to develop the culture of participation and the new Improvements that have been added to this concept through the daily use of networks.

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