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Monday 4
6.1.b. Economic change, globalization and regional issues II (Ben De Rudder)

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The interest of large European compagnies for small Italian local context
Carlo Dal Cortivo  1@  
1 : Università di Verona

In the following work is going to be analysed how large companies, main character of the European economy, could take an interest in Italian small provincial/local contexts and how these contexts could accept the establishment of large structures, ruining the surroundings. Is the case of a great German food distribution chain who decided to settle in Oppeano, in the locality of Feniletto: a strategic point for the development of the German company in Veneto because of its position: close to Verona, to the Transpolesana and to the highway.

True object of study is going to be the analysis of how these interests could change the territory, in this case on the lowlands of Verona; in this area, laid out in a linear scheme, there are three different buildings: the new Logistics Centre, the structure of Intimissimi/Calzedonia and, last but not least, a Court of historical importance, already documented in ' 500.

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