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Tuesday 5
6.3.a. Financial geographies of Europe I (David Bassens)

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Dualization in labour markets and housing markets: insiders versus outsiders
Rowan Arundel  1, *@  , Christian Lennartz  2  
1 : KULeuven
2 : Rabobank Economic Research Centre
* : Corresponding author

Past decades of economic growth, relatively widespread employment security and expanding mortgage markets promoted growing homeownership sectors. Recent years have witnessed the foundations of this growth undercut and increasing housing precarity. Alongside processes of financialisation that have transformed housing markets have been declines in the secure, well-paid jobs that are the usual preconditions of homeownership. Across advanced economies, increasing labour market dualization has been apparent with disparities between securely employed market-insiders and a growing share of precarious market-outsiders. While existing dualization research has largely neglected critical housing outcomes, the paper argues that the concept is valuable in understanding developments in the housing sector. Through a micro-level analysis of data from the Netherlands, the research explores how dynamics of labour market inequality translate – and increasingly so – into housing market divides.

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